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The Candy Store that Japan Built: Japanese Women, White Men, & Sex

japanese girl 1001 kisses dating

There is a segment of the Japanese female population that thinks having sex with a white man is cool. Many of them, some married, aren't interested in a relationship, only sex, and that's it. For these women having sex is much like going to one of the famous American theme parks with locations in Japan and enjoying a roller coaster ride and cotton candy. She just wants to have the experience or the thrill of having sex with a Caucasian man, and lock it away in her memory. For the most part these women are educated, work respectable jobs and fit into Japan's homogeneous society.The opposite side of the coin is the hate that Japanese men have when they observe white men with their Japanese women. The slightly humorous side to the Japanese man's disdain is that Japanese advertising firms, which are run by (Japanese) men, unwittingly promote the desirousness of white men. The love affair with Caucasian people is everywhere in the Japanese media, from white families with smiling faces and pearly white teeth selling homes and cars, to Japanese women with white men at chapels selling wedding services, to blond haired, blue-eyed babies selling cell phones.

The Caucasian population in Japan is infinitesimally small, but Japanese advertising companies seem to love white people. No wonder the Japanese woman who has an almost insatiable desire for the new and kawaii and trying things different falls for the mystique of white men. More amazing is that some Japanese advertising executives aren't aware enough to know the effect their advertising has on the (female) population. Some have even said that white talent is less expensive to obtain than Japanese talent as an excuse what a ludicrous thing to say! A simple rule is: one is influenced by what is input into the brain. For example, take a look at the relationship between advertising and smoking to understand the results of effective campaigns. Then, there is the shock of the Japanese woman who discovers that oftentimes the "white (man) knight, on a white stallion, in shining armor" is having sex with others and her thrill ride crashes. What she doesn't realize is that the men are only sampling the sweets in the 'Candy Store' built by Japanese advertisers and Japan's love for white people. Let it be understood that this is a nationwide phenomenon, and not just the Roppongi area of Tokyo.

The erosion of the Japanese woman's interest in Japanese men can be partially blamed on the advertising industry's promotion of white as being "better". Another part of the problem is that a significant number of Japanese men lack an understanding of what women want. So as the white men plunder and pillage the Japanese female population just as pirates, the Japanese man has no one to blame other than himself and the media.



12 Responses to The Candy Store that Japan Built: Japanese Women, White Men, & Sex

  1. tom white says:

    found your site through a random search today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  2. wayne says:

    Shame on you for creating another terrific post! Awesome stuff, keep up the good work.

  3. Hearn says:

    I am impressed with all this useful information. Was WAY more than I expected. I just cannot keep up with your posts. So much information to read about.

  4. Mane says:

    This is a terrific post. Very insightful and informative at the same time.

  5. Nilsa Camble says:

    hi, your blog is very helpful, just came across it today, definitely come back again.

  6. Lover says:

    I never realised that Japanese women had a thing for white men. I suppose it's the curiousity factor and the advertising as you say. I suppose it works both ways as us white men are curious about Japanese women, who seem more feminine than some of our women.

  7. Excellent piece. Exactly what I have stated in my book, Black Passenger Yellow Cabs.

  8. Janise says:

    Japanese women are not just into white men, way to go make stories up and stereotype. I don’t get why you even speak for another race, for people from another country, well it was 2007… but 2013 is not that far.

  9. xanDer says:

    “Japanese women are not just into white men” that is not anywhere in the post. The story is not made up, there are reams of data that support the article. There are not reams of data to refute it.

  10. ya dig says:

    I hope a significant population of JN women wrap themselves up with white men….so in the hereafter

  11. I agree with the article, many if not most J-Gals dig white guys and even black guys seem to attract J-women. When I was a student in college several Japanese women about two wanted to date me because I am white. Peace…

  12. Japanese women love white men… plain and simple… your article was right on. Here in Houston the most common interracial couple is white men with Asian women. Peace….

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