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What do Japanese women want in a man?

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There are certain things that Japanese women want in a Western man, and many things they do not want – they've heard the stories. What is important is to know what many Japanese women are looking for.

Japanese women generally fall into two categories. The 25 year old and under women are in the “time to party and begin to think about getting married” stage. The women over 30 are in the “actively hunting and want to get married” stage. (Not all women fit into these categories, but we are talking in general terms.)

So it is safe to assume that most Japanese women – especially the higher-quality women who have some sophistication and standards – are looking for a man who is at least somewhat serious about having a long-term relationship with a woman. In that respect Japanese women are no different from women of any other culture.

The men who are intent on enjoying the sexual pleasures that these Japanese women may offer will have to adjust accordingly.

Generally speaking, here is what Japanese women are looking for in a man:

Simple honesty and kindness

A woman does not want to be treated badly or lied to. (This is not an unreasonable request if you think about it. Men do not like to be lied to or treated badly either.)  If a woman asks you a question, respond kindly and honestly. It is very simple.

A woman wants to be treated like she means something to you. She doesn’t want to ‘feel’ like she’s just part of an assembly line of Japanese women who you’re dating to fulfill a sex fantasy – she wants to feel chosen by you, like there was something special about her that made you want to be with her. (Also, most Japanese women know that they cannot sexually satisfy the average Western man. So, men please discreet about the other women in your lives.) She wants you to listen to her and respond to what she says.  How hard is that? It’s not. Most men are capable of this.

Don’t be a nerd

One of the big things that turn a lot of Japanese women off is a man who is a nerd. If all you talk about are video games and anime you will quickly be put in the “nerd” category by most Japanese women, or worse, put in the “too immature to date” category. (Note: For older men who might not be into video games and anime – if all you can talk about is your job, this also puts you firmly in the “nerd” category.)

But don’t give up hope, nerds: you can be a nerd and still be cool. If you are a video game designer, tell her that. She will think that is good. Or you might have a job that many people think makes you a nerd, but sometimes those jobs appeal to women. Maybe you’re a computer nerd or a financial nerd or a lawyer nerd – these jobs, while nerdy, offer stability and lucrative earnings, though be careful of the gold-diggers. If you can demonstrate to Japanese women that you’re a man of substance, a man who can be counted on, a man who is comfortable with himself, then it won’t matter if you’re technically a “nerd.”

Personal grooming

Japanese women won’t want to be with you if you have bad personal grooming habits. Japanese culture places a high value on personal cleanliness and hygiene, and Japanese women have little tolerance for men who aren’t clean.

Take a shower every day – maybe more than once a day, especially in the hot, humid summer months. If you worked all day and are going out on a date that night, take a shower before you go on your date. If you are riding your bicycle or working out at the gym, take a shower before going out to meet women. If it is summer and very hot and you feel sweaty, you probably are. Take a shower. Wash your hair, use deodorant. (Maybe it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many men allow their personal care and hygiene to lapse, and then still go out and try to meet women.)

Shave. Face and body hair are not always appealing to a lot of Japanese women – they tend to like men who are clean-shaven and smooth. Take the time to shave and look nice. A clean shaven, nice-smelling man is a lot more appealing than a smelly man with two days’ worth of stubble. Also, make sure you have on clean socks and clothes. No woman wants to smell 3 day old socks or sweat soaked clothes.

Clean your fingernails and keep the short(short enough not to scratch during sexual activity) and shaped. The same advice goes for the feet(Sexual activity?  That’s up to you). Apply lotion to both feet and hands, women like soft hands and feet.

You see guys, it normally does not take a lot of work to make yourself more attractive to women. It’s all about putting in a little extra effort to make yourself more appealing. This is not rocket science. It is just common sense.

What are some other things that Japanese women tend to look for in a man?

How are these things different when you’re trying to date Japanese women as opposed to non-Japanese women?