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What do Japanese women REALLY think?

One of the greatest mysteries on the planet for most men is how women think. Personally, I believe that women think a lot more than men do. A lot of women get together with their friends and over-analyze everything about a man. Yet most men are clueless when it comes to how women really think – especially Japanese women, where the cultural differences and language barrier can make an already-mysterious situation even more confusing.
So here are some clues about how women think and act.
Talking to Japanese Women about Sex
Women as a general rule do not usually like to talk openly about sex. This is especially true in Japan – Japanese women are not like “Sex and the City,” always gossiping about their latest sexual escapades. There are some Japanese women who have no problem talking to a man about sex, but they tend to be exceptionally intelligent, worldly and self-confident. But don’t jump to the conclusion that just because Japanese women are uncomfortable talking about sex that they are uncomfortable about having sex – sometimes the exact opposite is true. Most Japanese women don’t feel that there is anything “wrong” with having sex; it’s just that they don’t actively seek out sex. Some Japanese women like sex, but they just do not enjoy it on the same level as Western women do. As a man, if you try to talk about sex to a Japanese woman, this might turn her off really fast, because many Japanese men treat women as sex toys. If she brings it up, then it is okay to participate in the conversation, but only to a point – if you are too excited to talk about sex, you may lose your chance to actually have sex. Do not let your conversation become distasteful or rude.
Japanese Women’s Attitude Toward Sex
If a man is physically attracted to a woman, his hormones take over and all he wants to do is get the woman in bed. Women – especially Japanese women – do not think like this. Women want to feel an emotional attachment to a man. For many women sex is 80% mental and 20 % physical. I suspect the opposite is true for most men. So if you find a Japanese woman you are really interested in dating or having sex with take don’t let your hormones get in the way by saying or doing something inappropriate. Don’t come on too strong, and don’t be too obvious about wanting to have sex. Many Japanese women aren’t sexually inclined in the same way that Western women are – Japanese women tend to look at sex as a task instead of a form of pleasure; they look at sex as something nice to do for their man, not something they crave for its own sake.
Japanese Women and Money
Today’s Japanese women normally have a job and make their own money. But there are still some who are impressed with men who throw money. Though Japanese society has changed and more and more Japanese women are in the workforce, a Japanese man who tries to buy a woman’s affection with a lot of cash can be a big turn-off. Japanese women do not need the money anymore. However, a foreigner with money can be an easy mark for the Japanese woman who is an English Bandit. Don’t misunderstand: a thoughtful gift for your woman from time to time will go a lot farther than a showy display of cash. The gift does not have to be expensive, but it should be something personal that you know she will like – for example, a small memento of a fun experience that you had together. Even a bouquet of fresh flowers will get you big points with most Japanese women.
Japanese Women Talk
No matter how much you try to avoid it, Japanese women are going to talk to their friends about you. There is nothing you can do to stop this, so just deal with it and do not act offended. Women rely on their friends a lot for advice and support – this is even more the case in Japan, where people tend to be more guided by the opinions of their group of friends and colleagues. If you treat your Japanese girlfriend really well, and if you’re really nice and polite to her friends, this will go a long way toward making sure that the conversations between your Japanese girlfriend and her friends are more positive for you. Nothing can kill a relationship faster than when a woman’s friends do not like you. First, get the girl. Second, win over her friends. (And it’s a close second.)
What do you think about Japanese women’s attitudes toward sex?
How do Japanese women compare to women in your home country with regard to how they approach sex and dating?

3 Responses to What do Japanese women REALLY think?

  1. JM says:

    I disagree with a lot of this. My wife enjoys sex just as much as western women although maybe not as often. She liked the gifts at first but then she wanted me to save money for the future. She even refused to accept me buying her a new wedding band as our 10 year anniversary is coming up. She does talk about some things about me that’s personal but only to her mom and hides it with everyone else. My wife dreamed of being a house wife and having kids but then she changed. She is just now interested in having kids again, only the first year we were married did she think about that dream. She dosen’t like me to talk dirty but she does it herself in Japanese. I think sex is equally mental for both male and female and 80 percent sounds right. Of course my wife is different and obsessed with western culture and has no desire to live back in Tokyo. She has lived in the US since 19 and now 33. Just my thoughts.

  2. xanDer says:

    Please read carefully, I have never met a non-Japanese man who is married to a Japanese woman who:
    a. lives in Japan
    b. has children
    and is happy with his sex life
    BOTH elements must be there, lives in Japan AND has children. I have never met such a man. Maybe he exists, I have never met him. Every unhappy non-Japanese man I’ve met who is married to a Japanese woman, living in Japan, who has children was blindsided by an avoidable phenomenon.

    Based on your comment, you do not live in Japan.

    Just so that readers of your comment are not thrown off track because many people do not read critically, I’ll quote and highlight certain words. “Of course my wife is DIFFERENT and OBSESSED with western culture and has NO DESIRE TO LIVE back IN Tokyo. She has LIVED IN THE U.S. SINCE 19 and now 33.”

    These points are very telling in that the Japanese woman of whom you speak is not typical. Your disagreement is not based on a relationship with a Japanese woman whom most non-Japanese men would encounter in Japan.

  3. andre says:

    How to ask her talk about sex with nicely or polite with japanese girl or woman . ask her permision first ,she want to talk about sex or not .

    How to talking about sex life with japanese woman with polite way but she never angry ?

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