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“Don’t go to bed angry”

I have a philosophy I use in my relationships, "Don't go to bed angry" I explained this philosophy to my girlfriend after we saw a Japanese couple seated next to us at a restaurant where the woman got up and left, apparently angry. We don't know what happened, however, my girlfriend said, "Japanese men don't say, 'I'm sorry'". My philosophy means that I try to look at the situations and arguments that happen in a relationship and ask, "How is 'our' life going to change based on this disagreement or situation?" in nearly all cases the answer is, "Not at all!" Then it's quite easy for me to say, "I'm sorry for ~" which for me means, I'm sorry for the level of stress, confusion, and anger that I have caused. I might still feel that my position is right, IF I am right, then the truth will show itself later and I don't have to say anything. But if I'm wrong, I may need to say, "I'm sorry" again. Life between two people that love each other does not have to be so stressful.



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