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Sex Between The Japanese Woman And Western Man

by Scott Robertson


When a Japanese woman and western man are dating, sex brings lots of surprises for both of them. It’s different from what both are used to and, in the end, beneficial for both. This is why western men who date one Japanese woman usually go on to date more, and vice versa. 
Sex And The Japanese Woman
One of the things I’ve heard often from Japanese women who have dated western men is that they found sex with them a refreshing change. There are a couple of reasons for this. For one thing, Japanese men generally try to please themselves through sexual intercourse. The woman’s pleasure isn’t much of a consideration. For this reason, many Japanese women have experienced a lifetime of unfulfilling sex. Once they become sexual with a western man, they often discover a new side of their sexuality they didn’t know about before. They’ve never had a man try to please them.
Another thing that is different is that western men like “normal” sex. Japanese women I’ve known before said that their ex-boyfriends in Japan always liked fetishes, sex-play and other things that they thought were strange. Japan does have a kind of theme-park culture when it comes to sex, with Disney-themed love hotels and cosplay outfits for sale everywhere. Things like this, which we consider strange in the west, or fairly normal in Japan. Because of this, many Japanese women find “regular” sexual intercourse to be a refreshing change.
Sex And The Western Man
Most western men can’t imagine what is going to happen behind closed doors with a Japanese woman. They project a shy, innocent and sometimes almost childishly cute image which doesn’t always translate to “sexy” in the west. It’s almost a life-changing experience for a western man to find out what happens with a Japanese girl when the lights are low.
Japanese women are taught to hide their sexuality. They are more modest and less expressive about it, especially in public. It’s a bit of an irony. Western women are much more comfortable expressing their sexuality outwardly, while Japanese women are shy and reserved. However, many western girls become suddenly shy and hesitant when things progress to a sexual level, while a Japanese girl often feels like now she can cut loose.
One more thing that is amazing to western men is that Japanese women in bed try their best to please their partner. In the same way that they are unselfish in relationships and personal life, they are also generous in bed. This is one of the reasons relationships with them can be so wonderful for western guys, but you have to make sure that you give it back!
When you look around, you see lots of relationships between Japanese females and western males, but not many of the opposite. I think that this is because sex has something really special to offer both, and it’s this that keeps these interracial couples happy in bed.

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