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Myths About Japanese Women – They’re Not Good In Bed

Along with the idea that Japanese women are flat-chested, submissive and money-obsessed, this is one of the worst myths that keep men like you and me from enjoying what they have to offer. The truth is that Japanese women are wonderful in bed. You just have to understand the way they think, and the way that their culture has taught them to act.
Shy On The Outside, Horny On The Inside
In my experience, most Japanese women are innocent on the outside and sex-obsessed on the inside. Society teaches them (and all women) that they’re not supposed to like sex. Only a filthy woman does. But inside, they’re human beings who fully enjoy a good orgasm and everything that leads up to it.
If you take this societal double-standard and multiply it by ten, you have a typical Japanese woman. This is to say that she may be extremely shy and innocent on the outside. This is the reason many western men who have never been with a Japanese woman hold this view. But Japanese culture is not nearly as hung up with sexuality as we in the west are. Lots of the inhibitions that western women feel about sex stem from religion. Japanese people are much freer in this regard. They see sex as something fun that two adults can enjoy together; there is no guilt in it.
This means that once you get past the shy, innocent outside, you should strap yourself in and hold on for the ride.
Another complaint I’ve heard about Japanese women in bed is that they just sit back while you do everything. In other words, they’re boring. What men who believe this don’t understand is that it’s THEM who are boring. In other words, if she’s just lying there waiting for you to finish up, you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be.
In Japan, the man usually takes the lead. He’s the one that initiates touching, taking off clothes and every other little step along the way. However, once things get started, they have a mind of their own. Maybe men who think Japanese women are dull in bed expect them to be proactive like western women, but this just isn’t the way Japanese women are naturally.
She Wants To Please You
Finally, I’ve heard stories of Japanese women “acting,” or hamming it up. Instead of actually having a screaming orgasm, she starts panting and moaning like a woman in a porn video. This is a turn-off for a man who wants it genuine.
The reason she might be doing this is because she wants to please you. Japanese people are really into giving, and it includes sexual encounters. It’s sort of like a scene where two people are standing at a door, both saying, “No, you first, I insist!” They’re going back and forth with this and no one’s walking through that doorway. I’ve seen similar situations a lot in Japan. It’s a culture of generosity.
In this case, you should take the lead. Get it started and make her scream for real; then you’ll be seeing a whole different side.
I really think that men who complain about Japanese women being bad in bed are missing something. They just haven’t figured out how to unlock the sexuality that’s raging inside her yet.

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