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How To Make A Japanese Woman Love You – Cook For Her

I’ve come across a great tip for getting a Japanese woman to love you forever – cook for her. Even if you’re not a gourmet chef, if you can whip a little something up for breakfast or make a great plate of pasta, it will absolutely blow her away.
One of the reasons for this is that Japanese women are obsessed with food. You’ll understand this if you’ve ever spent time with a Japanese woman. Going to restaurants for them is like a live event. They can make food an endless conversation topic.
Cooking for any woman will work wonders of course, but I think it’s especially effective for Japanese women. The truth is that most Japanese men don’t lift a finger in the kitchen usually, so this also helps to make you look good.
I also think that for a Japanese woman who is living overseas, it’s an extra bonus to have a home-cooked meal by someone who lives there. In other words, she’s met a guy that showed her a good time (outside and in the bedroom), and now he’s cooking a home-cooked meal for her! Trust me, it works wonders.
If you’re anything like I was five years ago, you’re probably saying right now, “Sounds good, but I’m clueless in the kitchen.” I know what you mean and I was like that once myself. But in just a few years, I’ve learned to cook quite a little repertoire of meals, and the reason wasn’t just to learn to cook for myself.
There were a few things that I did because I was so clueless. One was that I took a cooking class. It’s not something most guys want to do, and it can be a little tough to take that step and sign up, but it will be well worth it. Get over your pride and put on the apron. You’ll learn amazing things every week. And you will be surrounded by women, it’s difficult to ask for a better atmosphere.
The reason a class is great is that you really need to do it first-hand. You also need the instruction of a good teacher. No matter how many books or sites you look at, there’s the whole cooking sense that you can only learn through experience. This cooking sense was the only real thing I lacked (and you probably lack), because anybody can learn recipes online.
Once you get into a regular routine of cooking and your skills are pretty good, it’s time to start planning some gourmet meals. Or even better – some gourmet touches. You can turn a simple breakfast meal into something classy by adding fresh fruit or something a little different.
And while I’m thinking of it, here’s an easy breakfast food that Japanese women love – crepes. You can cook crepes using a regular skillet and fill them with cream, fresh fruit and whatever else you can think of.
This is a choice from my own personal experience. I learned how to make crepes in my cooking class and decided to try it out on my Japanese girlfriend as a fluke. It sounded “French” so I thought, why not? Little did I know it’s one of the most popular sweets for Japanese women!
So put on the apron and start cooking. Japanese women think it’s hot when a man cooks for them.

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