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Japanese clubs and bars information

by: Noriko Murphy

Today I want to introduce you the websites I used when I was still single and looking for a place to meet with Western men. If you are new to Japan and never been to a Japanese club or bar, the websites will help you which one to go for the first time or find the one where you feel more interesting or comfortable.

What’s wrong with the Western man – who is unsuccessful getting a Japanese girlfriend?

by: Noriko Murphy

It is often said that Western men can get a girlfriend so easily in Japan just because you are Western man. It may be true at some point because there are some Japanese women who like to go out with only Western men for whatever the reasons they may have or sometimes just looking for an experience dating Western men. However, you will not get a Japanese girlfriend who is honest, intelligent, or fun just because you are Western.

The three best website sources to find Japanese women’s real feelings!

by: Noriko Murphy

Today, there are countless of the blogs that the normal persons write about their everyday life like a diary and they do not mind sharing their thought or feeling with strangers over the website. There are also the many website forums that you can basically talk about any topic with other people over the internet. The blogs and form websites are very useful to know what other people’s honest opinions or ask a particular question that you do not want to ask friends or family.

A money matter between a Western husband and a Japanese wife

by: Noriko Murphy

Money plays the important role to continue a happy marriage and it sometimes can be the main reason to get a divorce. A newly married couple often faces the trouble on money issue at least once and eventually figures out what works best for each other

Do not depend on a dating guide book all the time!

by: Noriko Murphy

There are many dating guide books for the couple of Japanese woman and Western man today and you can get countless information on the internet regarding to dating with Japanese women.